Corporate Retirement


Where most teams use multiple, individual advisors working independently of one another, Three Bell Capital operates as a single coordinated team – leveraging the time, skill, knowledge and expertise of each person to provide the best possible advice and service to our clients. We bring modern solutions to traditional problems.

By the Numbers

Plan Design

Plan Design

An effective retirement plan begins with the right plan design.  Should you have a profit sharing contribution or an employee match? How about safe harbor?  What if you want to put an executive pension plan in place to boost retirement savings for key personnel?

Our team of experts will work with you to optimize your plan design for your specific organization, employee composition, goals, and objectives.

Fiduciary Support - Columns

Fiduciary Support

ERISA imposes substantial liability on the company retirement plan committees and trustees responsible for adhering to a rather complicated and cumbersome framework of processes and protocols.

Engaging our team transfers a substantial amount of that liability to our team, and we take care of the fiduciary heaving lifting with process and technology-driven advice and assistance, keeping you focused on running your business, not your plan. By acting as either a 3(21) or 3(38) co-fiduciary, our team and our advice are always aligned with you and your plan.

Platform Selection

Platform Selection

Not all platforms are created equal. As a matter of fact, some offer substantially more participant features and benefits, while others offer significantly better pricing.

We work agnostically with the largest and best platforms available, will help review options and select the right plan platform for your needs, negotiate pricing, and spearhead implementation from beginning to end.

Investment Management

Investment Management

Investments are the centerpiece of your retirement plan. We use sophisticated, powerful software to help you select and monitor a lineup of investment options customized to your specifications. Available investments include a variety of active, passive, target date, and alternative investments.

We monitor these investments for you in accordance with an investment policy statement, and make change recommendations when necessary or prudent.

Participant Education - manage risk vs return

Participant Education

Many employees completely fail to participate in their company retirement plan, or do so much later in their career than they should. The majority of those that do participate make one investment selection and never change it the entire time they are in the plan.

Our team provides ongoing personalized advice and support to participants to help them allocate properly based on their needs and goals. Our team of fully licensed advisors can engage your organization in ways that many advisory teams can’t.