Three Bell Capital Soundbytes

Three Bell Capital Soundbytes

Powered by Alexa

Get timely financial updates and advice simply by asking Alexa.

It’s never been easier to get the latest news from Three Bell, whether that’s reactions to the current markets, changes in our financial predictions, or even opinions on where we are and aren’t bullish at the moment.

Add the Three Bell Capital update skill to your Alexa, and you’re on your way.

Hear a sample update:

Voice commands you can use:

To enable the skill (hands free, first time user):

Alexa, enable Three Bell Capital.

To open the skill after it’s been enabled, say:

Alexa, open Three Bell Capital.

To jump right to the latest Broadcast, say:

Alexa, ask Three Bell Capital for the latest update.

Commands you can use inside the skill once it’s open:

Alexa, tell me about the company.

Alexa, tell me about Three Bell Capital.

Alexa, tell me about the CEO.

Alexa, tell me about Jon Porter.

Alexa, tell me about the Managing Partner.

Alexa, tell me about Andre Huaman.

Alexa, stop.

Alexa, goodbye.