Wealth Management Services

Portfolio Management

We purposefully look outside the box for investments that have consistently high rates of return without being subjected to the fluctuations traditionally associated with the stock market.

We work with our clients to understand their needs, develop a plan for achieving their goals and then leverage a combination of investments ranging from hedge funds to individual bonds to meet their objectives.

Estate Planning

What good is carefully building a lifetime of wealth if you give half of it to the government at death? Or worse, your beneficiaries tear themselves apart arguing over who gets what at your death?

We work with our clients to develop an estate plan that meets your individual needs, and then engage trusted, vetted attorneys to draft the final documents.

Our expertise includes everything from basic core estate planning such as revocable living trusts, as well as more tactical asset transfer trusts like GRAT’s, charitable trusts, and dynastic trusts.

Tax Strategy

We spend substantial time with our clients to fully understand all aspects of their personal financial situations and uncover actionable opportunities to mitigate taxes, and then work with our clients’ CPA’s to ensure these tax savings are translated to tax returns.

Tax strategies like the Qualified Small Business Stock Exemption can save entrepreneurs and investors up to $10M per company in capital gains taxes. Early exercising incentive stock options can save even more. Bottom line: taxes matter.

Institutional Lending

We work with mortgage brokers, private banking institutions, brokerage account custodians, and investment banks to unlock liquidity, ensure the lowest possible interest rates, and in many cases dramatically augment investible assets.

In addition, we have negotiated substantially lower margin rates with our asset custodians, allowing clients to more effectively borrow against the value of their portfolios and diversify concentrated positions without selling them.

Risk Management

It could be the premature death of a spouse, permanent incapacitation of a loved one, or perhaps just looking down at an email while driving at exactly the wrong moment, that causes significant financial impact to your plan.

We assess all aspects of our clients’ lives, identify specific areas of risk, and then work with independent insurance brokers to solicit policies designed to address these needs.

Industry Leaders

When we were ranked #1 on the Top 100 Emerging Wealth Management Firms in the U.S. in 2017, we set our sites on breaking out of the “emerging” category, and becoming one of the nation’s preeminent firms.  Inclusion in RIA Channel’s Forbes 2019 list of the Top 100 firms in the nation is proof positive we accomplished that objective in just two short years.