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Veteran Portfolio Manager Will Martin Joins Three Bell Capital

We are thrilled to announce the addition of veteran institutional portfolio manager Will Martin, CFA, to the Three Bell Capital team. Bill will help lead the Three Bell Investment Committee’s efforts to design, implement and manage client investment strategies and portfolios. Bill brings to Three Bell Capital over 30 years of experience as an institutional investor and […]

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Finding the Weigh

Valuation: Weighing Market Expectations – The Second in a Three-Part Series  Last month we showed that stock market valuations are currently stretched, demonstrated with the Shiller-CAPE model based on a historical perspective. Stocks now appear the most expensive in history when we adjust market valuations for economic growth and earnings potential. The single, largest offsetting […]

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TAKING STOCK: An insider’s view of the mutual fund ecosystem over the past three decades

The mutual fund industry has offered investors many benefits over the years: professional management, diversification, and market access. However, these benefits have come at a price of relatively steep fees and middling results. Unfortunately, a strong case can be made that some of the benefits of professional management have slowly eroded as mutual fund management […]

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Cutting Through the Noise

Financial news is so ubiquitous that it has become financial noise.  I will not add to that sound chamber.  Instead, this blog commits to cutting through the cluttered jabber, and promises to never simply summarize the summaries.  The opinions within pull from analysis of respected research, delivering insights and perspectives that inform investment decisions.  Significant […]

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