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Business Insider: As Apple’s stock plunged, a billion-dollar wealth manager sent an email saying not to freak out.

As seen on Business Insider and SFGATE. Here’s why he thinks the tech titan is set to explode higher. As Apple plunged 30% late last year against a slew of bad headlines about China and iPhone demand, some of Jon Porter’s clients had concerns. Porter is the CEO of Three Bell Capital, a Los Altos, California firm […]

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Don’t Fear the Flats…

Is a Recession Looming Ahead? Risks and Opportunities of a Flat Yield Curve Is the treasury bond yield curve sending a dangerous signal about the economy? How have stocks historically performed in similar bond market environments? Can the Fed balance growth, inflation and maintain its independence? Should you refinance your mortgage in the present interest […]

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How About a BEER?

  Let’s Tap A BEER To See If Stocks Are Over, Under, Or Fairly Valued “Interest rates and volatility are on the rise, as are investor jitters, so now is the perfect time to pop open the BEER analysis.” Lager, ale, IPA, steam, stout, or pilsner?  Nope, that’s not what we’re here to discuss.  This […]

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